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[Workshop] Gamma Knife Workshop

The Gamma Knife Workshop and Symposium took place at the Marriott Hotel, Ocean Park on the 16/17 September 2023. The event was organized by the Brain Centre at Canossa Hospital and the Hong Kong Neurosurgical Society bringing together neurosurgeons and oncologists from the private and public sector. The event coincided with the recent purchase of the Gamma Knife by the Hospital Authority and pave the way for future collaborations between the public and private sector.  Overseas speakers came from England, Holland and Australia and we also had local speakers contributing to the event. Participants on Day 2 had the unique opportunity to experience how to perform dose planning for a variety of brain lesions with the latest generation of Leksell Gamma Plan. A visit to the Gamma Knife Centre was also arranged. We would like to thank Elekta sincerely for their excellent organization and contributions in making the meeting such a huge success.