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[Gamma Insights] Gamma Knife ICON™ revolutionarizes the treatment of Brain Metastasis

Cancer patients are living longer and up to 40% will develop brain metastasis. It is the most common tumour affecting the brain and in Hong Kong’s population of 7.5 million about 3000 patients will develop brain metastasis each year. These tumours arise from the primary cancer e.g. lung, breast, colon and other organs and spread to the brain via the blood stream. They may be single or multiple. Depending on their location they may cause different symptoms such as headache, muscle weakness, loss of balance, double vision, cognitive impairment and seizures.

Quality of life is taking centre stage and stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) is the fasting growing method for treating brain metastasis. Whole Brain Radiation Therapy (WBRT) risks neurocognitive decline. Linac based SRS requires treatment margins to compensate for positional uncertainty with Planning Treatment Volume (PTV) larger than Gross Tumour Volume (GTV) (Figure 2).

The Leksell Gamma Knife ICON™ can achieve zero margin control allowing the PTV to equal the GTV (Figure 3) minimizing the risk of radiation necrosis and sparing healthy brain tissues. Patient can also receive systemic chemotherapy treatment at the same time avoiding treatment delay of the primary cancer. The healthy brain tissue sparing effect of the Gamma Knife allows patients with new metastasis to receive further treatment.

The Mission of the Gamma Knife Charitable Fund is to sponsor and support patients with brain metastasis with financial difficulties to receive this life saving and enhancing treatment. Please visit or contact us via for further information.


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